Artisan Northern Irish Charcuterie

Award Winning Irish Charcuterie

Awards Our Charcuterie Has Received

Blas na h'Eireann (Irish Food Awards) 2023

Gold for Corndale Simply Better Handmade Salami with Fennel; Silver for Corndale Farm Venison Salami and Bronze for Simply Better Handmade Irish Chorizo

Great Taste Awards 2023

Two Gold Stars for Corndale Free Range Fennel Salami & One Gold Star for Corndale Wild Sika Venison Salami

Irish Quality Food Awards 2023

Deli - Meat Antipasti & Sliced Meats: Silver for Corndale Farm’s ‘Simply Better Handmade Irish Salami with Fennel‘ and Bronze for Corndale Farm’s ‘Simply Better Handmade Irish Chorizo’ produced for Dunnes Stores.

Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards 2023

Gold - Corndale Chorizo. Silver - Fennel Salami & 'Nduja Ketchup Bronze - Buffalo Bresaola Platinum UK Producer Award - Corndale Chorizo

Blas na h'Eireann (Irish Food Awards) 2022:

Gold for Corndale Farm Fennel Salami & Silver for Buffalo Bresaola

Great Taste Awards 2022

Three Gold Stars. Corndale Chorizo Picante.

Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards 2022

Gold - Fennel Salami & Venison Salami Platinum UK Producer Award - Fennel Salami

Blas na h'Eireann (Irish Food Awards) 2021:

Bronze for Corndale Farm Garlic & Black Pepper Salami

British Cured Meat Awards 2019

Silver for Fennel Salami and Silver for Irish Black Butter Lomo

The British Charcuterie Awards 2018

Gold for Corndale's Wild Sika Venison Salami and Bronze for Corndale Chorizo

Blas na h'Eireann (Irish Food Awards) 2017

Gold for Corndale Farm Free Range Fennel Salami & Silver for Corndale Free Range Chorizo

Great Taste Awards 2017

Two Gold Stars for Corndale Farm Fennel Salami
Corndale Chorizo
The One That Started it All...

Corndale Chorizo

Goes Amazing With Everything
Our Latest Offering...

Goes Amazing With Everything

Corndale Original Trio
The Perfect Gift..

Corndale Original Trio

Siofra FloodFull Day Course

I received this as a gift and had to come back for more! My previous experience of tasting chorizo and salami was not a good one but these are amazing!!! I loved the Charcuterie box as it was a wonderful surprise and it gave me a chance to taste things that I would not have been brave enough to buy such as the Nduja.

Johnny McKeeCorndale Chorizo

Can't travel to Spain? Then just slice this, eat with fresh flat bread and wash down with a glass of Rioja, the flavour packed in this chorizo is an instant transport system to the Iberian Peninsula. The post man wasn't off our drive before we tucked in. Honestly even better than I expected and right up there with the best I've ever tasted. What a great product.

John KeersCorndale 'Nduja'

This is soooo good Corndale have really mastered it. Try it on a pizza with honey drizzled over the 'Nduja it is truly stunning!

Liesa JohnstonFennel Salami

My son, who is 9 years old, loves the fennel salami so much he has asked me to get it for his lunch box! Delicious well done.

Sylvie HeroldCorndale 'Nduja'

If you like salami, you will love Corndale Nduja. It is spicy, but not killer hot. Because it doesn't have a skin, Nduja can easily be spread on bread or toast, stirred into risotto or roast vegetables, or mixed in with scrambled eggs. The only limit is your imagination. It is a wonderful invention.


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Supporting Corndale Farm benefits a family-run business in Northern Ireland, fostering local economic growth and promoting locally-sourced produce.

About Corndale Farm

Established in 2012 by Alastair Crown, our farm is nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Ireland, where our free-range Saddleback pigs roam and thrive.

Our signature products include a unique variety of air-dried chorizo and salami, each crafted with care and expertise. Our chorizo, known for its robust flavor and perfect balance of spices, stands as a hallmark of our dedication to artisanal methods. Our salami selection, featuring a range of flavors and textures, is equally distinguished by its rich taste and exceptional quality.

Beyond chorizo and salami, we offer an array of other air-dried meats, each embodying the essence of our free-range, rare-breed pigs. These meats are cured to perfection, ensuring a depth of flavor that is both complex and satisfying.

At Corndale Farm, our philosophy revolves around high welfare and sustainable farming practices. This approach not only benefits the well-being of our pigs but also enhances the quality of our products. Our herd started with just four Saddleback pigs and has since grown, reflecting our passion and commitment to the art of pig keeping and charcuterie production.

Our accolades from our awards listed above, to being recognised as a platinum level innovator by Innovate NI and Invest NI, are a testament to our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our production.

Whether it's for a gourmet meal, a special occasion, or a simple indulgence, Corndale Farm's products offer an unparalleled experience in taste and quality.

Join us in savoring the flavors of tradition, expertly hand crafted at Corndale Farm.